The colorful festival Georgetown in Penang

Penang is definitely famous for its rich cultural heritage and well-preserved buildings from the colonial era. You can definitely find all these wonderful sights and sounds in Georgetown, the capital of Penang. If you happen to be in Georgetown Penang during the month of July, you are really in a stunning luxury as the bright and colorful Georgetown Festival occurs along this month in Penang. You are guaranteed to be blown away by all the events during the festival of Georgetown!

Georgetown Penang Festival began in July 2008 to celebrate the inclusion of Georgetown on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Since 2008 Georgetown Penang Festival has become an annual event for residents of Georgetown as a symbol of their pride in being part of this wonderful city of Penang. The festival highlights the arts and cultural heritage of this magnificent island state of Penang. During this festival a month you will see a lot of interesting events such as theater, dance, music, art exhibitions, cultural performances, inspiring talks, food fairs and fashion shows. The list could go on and on. Perhaps it is more accurate to do what is not included in the Festival of Penang Georgetown.

The latest Georgetown Festival was held from June 15 until July 15, 2012. The festival this year showed a mixture of performances and events with performances by local contemporary international flavor. Surprisingly Festival Georgetown Penang will help you put on the international scene as the destination to go for art and culture.

The opening gala Georgetown Festival 2012 began with a Silat performance on June 15 at the historic Fort Cornwallis. This spectacular performance showed the singular grace of this old Malaysian martial arts. The Straits Quay witnessed a performance of contemporary hip hop June 17, where rappers and street artists showed their talents and participated in a workshop of hip hop. You can see the mixture of ancient and modern arts festival seamless integration into a unified mosaic testify to the diversity of contemporary culture and Georgetown Penang.