What Job Opportunities Do the Best Insurance Companies Offer?

If you are contemplating applying for a job at one of the best insurance companies, you will be offered stability, good pay, and interesting work. Some of the positions in this industry include underwriters, claims adjusters, actuaries, agents, and risk managers. 15 percent of the USA’s work force is employed in the insurance industry.

An underwriter is basically a caretaker for an insurance company. He or she ensures that existing and new clients comply with the company’s eligibility stipulations. You will need to know how to cost coverage, assess risks and identify good potential clients, and bad. This is crucial to the company’s profitability.

A claims adjuster will investigate claims to ascertain if the loss was covered or not. If there is coverage, it is up to the claims adjuster to calculate the claimant’s payout. There is a lot of traveling involved in this position. It is also physically tiring work and you will have to be willing to put in extra hours. As a claims adjuster, you will also need to have some experience in customer relations. This is necessary because you will often have to deal with traumatized claimants. Some USA states require claims adjusters to carry a license. This is a well paid position.

An insurance agent is another challenging position. If you work really hard you will earn great money. In addition to your monthly basic, you will also receive commission on sales. Some top agents take home more than $100,000 a year. This job is ideal for those who don’t want to be desk or office bound all day.

A marketing representative’s job is to recruit agents to sell insurance policies. It would also be your job to monitor the company’s competitors and report the findings to your superiors. Although it is not essential to have a college degree for this position, 53 percent of marketing representatives are in possession of a qualification.

A risk manager deals with anything that may jeopardize the company’s financial stability. This includes the assessment, identification, elimination and minimization of any possible risks. This job is very lucrative and successful risk managers can earn almost $100,000 a year. All the best insurance companies employ an efficient actuary. This person is basically a statistician who will use his or her skills to create pricing structures for insurance risks. Although relatively few actuaries take up work in the insurance industry, the number is expected to rise within the next several years.