The Best Insurance for Your HVAC System – Regular Service

Regular maintenance and inspections are an important part of owning any kind of commercial building. The problem for many owners is that they wait until something goes wrong to have their HVAC system serviced. However, it is important that you be proactive about your system.

In fact, you could consider regular maintenance service as the best insurance policy you can have against a serious system failure. Keeping the system up and running will save you money because it will increase the system’s efficiency. Did you know that about 40 percent of your electric bill is from your HVAC system? By taking steps to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible, you could see a significant savings in your heating and cooling bill.

It is certainly very easy to keep putting off regular maintenance because it feels like you don’t have enough money. But what do you do when something serious goes wrong? You certainly won’t have the money then either. By preventing serious problems with just a little bit of money now, you are likely to prevent the need for expensive fixes and longer down times later on. In addition, you will extend the life of your heating and cooling system by making sure that regular maintenance service is performed on it.

Creating a Maintenance Schedule

One of the best things you can possibly do for your commercial HVAC system is to create a maintenance schedule. This will help keep you on track for making sure that these standard maintenance tasks get completed. Contract with a reputable company for regular service at various times of the year so that these important service calls do not fall through the cracks. By having a maintenance plan in place, you can count on the company you hire to call you and remind you that service on your HVAC system is due.

Here are some tips to help you create a maintenance schedule you can live with:

• Make sure all filters in your system are changed about once a month. Put this on your maintenance schedule and include it in with the duties of your technician. This way you won’t forget to change the filters.

• Schedule regular checkups at least two times per year. The best times are during the fall and the spring. These are periods of change for the temperatures, so you will want to make sure your heating and cooling system is entirely ready to go.

• When the company you have hired to follow your maintenance schedule calls, don’t wait to schedule that appointment. It is too easy to let these service things go rather than to stay on top of them. You will likely divert major disasters later.

There is nothing worse than an HVAC system malfunctioning, so you should do everything you can to prevent that. Employing a maintenance schedule and actually following it is like creating your own insurance policy for your HVAC system. You help ensure that potential problems are caught early and avoid major disasters.